Interior Color Trends


  • Interior Color Consultations: We offer an initial color consultation with our project manager. This meeting provides insight to current color trends, a look at existing colors in your home and color recommendations. Choosing what color to paint the interior of your home is an important decision and we want you to be confident in your final choice.

  • Residential Ceiling Work: Whether it is the removal of popcorn ceilings, repair of water damage or just cleaning and painting our crews can deliver a fresh new ceiling to your home! We will protect your home by masking off all furniture, walls, and floors. During the painting process, our crew will provide an even and uniform coating to brighten up your space and give it the look you were hoping for!

  • Wallpaper Removal: If you have aging wallpaper or it just doesn't fit your style anymore, turn to our experts for removal services! Our crews will remove your old wallpaper and get a fresh and updated coat of paint on your walls in no time! Wallpaper removal can get messy and costly in a hurry if you are trying to tackle it by yourself. Our crews will be tidy, efficient and knowledgeable in removing your wallpaper correctly. We will protect all surrounding areas and repair any damages found in the drywall to deliver a crisp, clean finish.

  • Walls

  • Trim

  • Doors

  • Railings and Banisters

  • Cabinets

Our Process 

  • Set Up: Our painters will mask off all objects and floors with a combination drop cloths and new plastic sheeting before beginning any prep work.

  • Prepare. Based on our agreement the crew will fill all cracks and holes in ceilings and walls. Stains will be sealed and surfaces are scuff sanded to ensure good adhesion by the paint.

  • Paint. Once the area has been prepared this is when the fun begins. Our painters will prime the repaired areas and the apply a high quality paint to a uniform finish.

  • Clean. Everything that was moved in the set up stage of our process will be moved back to it's desired location. Floors and carpets will be swept and vacuumed and all of our materials will be removed.

  • Inspect. After our work is completed, we will walk through with you and allow you to inspect our work giving you peace of mind that the job was finished correctly.




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