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  • Exterior Color Consultations: We offer color consultations to help make the decision easier for you. Choosing what color to paint your home is an important decision and we want you to be confident in your final choice.

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Our Process

We provide a very thorough process for our surface preparation to ensure we uncover and repair all existing damage, minimize future deterioration, ensure your home is sealed to prevent water intrusion and air leaks. The surface preparation processes includes:

  • Identifying rotten or damaged wood and discussing solutions with you to ensure the home's substrates are sound.

  • Power washing to remove dirt and organic growth such as, mold and algae, so that the house is clean and the new primer and paint can adhere correctly.

  • Scraping to remove loose and peeling paint from wood and stucco where peeling is obvious, as well as in areas we know have a tendency to peel or bubble.

  • Sanding scraped areas to ensure paint edges don't peel up.

  • Applying new, high quality caulk.

Proper preparation is a key factor in solidifying a quality paint job. We take the time to do it right to ensure the best results for our clients.




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