1901 Remodel Before and After House Tour

1901 has SOLD! We were blessed to have multiple offers the first day on the market and now get to share this lovely house with the new owners. It’s been so much fun sharing the process of remodeling this house with all of you. In case you missed any of the details we have a full house before and after tour on the blog today!


Photo Dec 06, 8 38 00 AM.jpg

Kitchen Before

Photo Nov 07, 9 28 21 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 29, 1 27 46 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 09, 2 46 48 PM.jpg

Kitchen After


Livingroom Before

Photo Nov 07, 8 53 14 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 07, 9 23 14 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 07, 8 53 35 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 08, 9 57 51 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 26, 10 52 12 AM.jpg

Livingroom After



Photo Nov 08, 4 30 20 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 07, 8 53 22 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 01, 4 40 00 PM.jpg


Photo Jan 01, 4 39 30 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 07, 8 46 42 AM.jpg


Photo Nov 07, 8 53 27 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 07, 8 54 00 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 07, 10 14 08 AM.jpg

1901 Exterior Color Schemes

We’ve been spending a lot of time on the interior of this house because you know ALL. THE. SNOW., but it’s time to make decisions on the roof, house and door color palette, lighting, garage, flower boxes - you name it we need it!

Don’t let these exterior photos scare you.. we will be repairing and replacing siding, trimming out the corners, replacing soffits and fascia, caulking and painting everything! We replaced all of the windows and trim which explains the current green and brown color scheme. There is a little, detached garage out back that I find pretty charming. It will get a new garage door and get painted with the house!


Do you see that flag pole out front - my dad already claimed it so don’t get any ideas!


New Roof Coming Monday!

We are scheduled for a new roof next week and have had to do some redesigning due to leaking right inside the front door. It had been leaking for quite some time before we purchased the house and was full of mold in that area. We had mold remediation done immediately and tried to repair the roof. After digging a little deeper we decided to replace the entire roof and the front porch design so there is no question of leaking in the future. I chose a neutral greyish brown shingle that can be versatile and go with any color scheme we decide on.


Exterior Color Schemes

As soon as we get some decent weather the house is set to be painted! I couldn’t be more excited, but need to finalize a color scheme. Option one pairs my love for white houses with some pops of color on the front door, side sunroom door and garage doors. Option two is a little more neutral with a medium greige (warm grey) with bright white trim to make the windows stand out and dark doors. Leave us some comments on what you love about these or other color trends we should look into!


1901 Uneven Floors & Drywall Progress!

Uneven floors really don’t bother me, especially in 100 year old homes, but the ones in this house were causing some major issues in figuring out how we were going to lay new flooring. They weren’t as noticeable when we first purchased the house and it was divided up into a lot of small rooms, but once we opened up the floor plan we couldn’t get past the transitions in the main space. I knew the house was structurally sound since we had part of the foundation replaced, but still needed to figure out how to minimize the dips.

We spent a couple late nights going back and forth between the cellar and living room trying to figure out what we could do. Tuesday, we had a few hours before drywall was to be delivered to make a last ditch effort to fix our floor situation. Justin jacked up the floor joists and added some supports in the cellar AND ya’ll it worked! It felt like a miracle since we’d been looking at every other option thinking there was no way this would work.


Drywall is being installed and we are stopping in every chance we get to see the progress!

We’ve shared a lot of photos of the kitchen, dining and main living spaces, but after drywall was hung I fell in love with the front entry, skinny stair and vaulted upstairs hallway! We are big fans of old houses with tall ceilings and big windows and this house has all of it!


Drywall is my favorite milestone in our renovation journeys. It’s the point when our vision starts to become a reality and other people can see it coming together.


Basement Finish with Stone Wall & Accent Lighting | Gripka Construction | Olathe, Kansas


Brett & Erica came to us with beautiful Pinterest boards and ideas for their basement finish. They desired a space that felt more upscale than the standard basement and unique with accent lighting, stone, shiplap and areas designed to showcase their KU memorabilia! We worked closely on floor plan to encompass a kitchen, living space, full bathroom, bedroom and storage.




Their selection of cabinet layout provided the perfect space for a stone accent wall complete with floating shelves and LED lights. The stone wall is the first thing you see as you enter the space which makes it feel even more luxurious!





This is the kind of basement we want to be watching all of March Madness in and can’t wait to see this client’s collection of KU gear up in this space!


1901 Bare Bones Kitchen & Sunroom Tour

The original layout of this house was a little bit off when we first walked it. The front door was tucked away on the front of the house leading to multiple small living spaces and a master bedroom. The side entrance was more prominent with parking back by the garage leading directly into the kitchen. The sunroom was cold and screamed “old framed in porch.”


We’ve entered a few of our homes through a side door so I wasn’t opposed to making that the main day to day entry, but really wanted this space to be inviting and welcoming. See the beauty that was below.


The addition of all new windows, doors and drywall in this space might just make it one of my favorites in the house. It has a dreamy amount of natural light with two full walls of windows!


Here’s what I’m envisioning for the finished space! Light, bright and a cozy place to enter. (photos via pinterest)


Entering from the sunroom you walk directly into the kitchen. It had low 8’ ceilings in contrast to the rest of the house’s original 10’ ceilings (they sure knew what they were doing in the early 1900’s right?!). It felt like an addition that again was just added on and not really thought out.


After tearing everything down to the studs we noticed an opportunity to vault the ceiling and open up the kitchen to a living space! This was the single best decision we’ve made so far on this house. Look at the amazing height of that vault!


Now to design the kitchen and dining room! I’d love your thoughts on the ideas below.

Large island with sink, dishwasher and beautiful statement pendants centered between the living room and dining area.

kitchen layout1-02.jpg

Cabinet Color: Do you love the white on white, light grey, natural island or statement dark cabinets?!


Introducing our newest fixer upper 1901!

We always get these crazy ideas about fixer upper houses… you know the ones that are just about falling down, but have beautiful bones that no one else would look at twice. It happens on just about every single one of our drives around town. Sometimes, I look up comps, owners and try to figure out how we’d make them work, but most of the time it’s just day dreaming.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to walk a few houses that were available and ready to be fixed up. I fell in love with the one that needed a new foundation and exterior walls ready to collapse, but was in the sweet spot for me, built in the 1900’s and had the “bones” I love. We’d like to introduce you to our newest labor of love 1901!


Kitchen and Dining Room Before & After!

Painted cabinets are a great way to spruce up your kitchen for the new year! This particular kitchen had a beautifully placed central island that blended into the rest of the kitchen. We painted the cabinets white and featured a black island making it stand out as the focal point. The dark grey walls against the bright white trim make this kitchen and dining room feel stylish and up to date. Kitchens are the heart of your home and being able to transform them is exciting for us!





Custom Basement Finish | Gripka Paint Company | Olathe, Kansas

BEFORE: Concrete unfinished basement. 

Janish Basement -03.jpg

AFTER: We created a floor plan utilizing this home's existing footprint and plumbing locations adding a bar, full bath, bedroom, large storage room, pantry, brewing area, under stair closet and utility room. This basement finish added 800 SF of livable space to this home!  


STORAGE: It was important for our client to have an easily accessible storage room without sacrificing livable space and aesthetic. We installed a Murphy Door, which looks like a bookcase, in the bedroom to provide hidden access to this space. 

Janish Basement -15.jpg
Janish Basement -20.jpg

We worked hard to match existing finishes in this home to create a seamless transition to the basement. The custom cabinets, granite, upgraded trim and fixtures add an elegance to this space. It was an honor to be the contractor on this custom basement finish! 

For more information on basement finishes or remodeling please give us a call! 913.634.7632

Leawood, Kansas Kitchen Makeover - Just Like Fixer Upper!

This kitchen makeover felt just like fixer upper!

Last week our clients went on vacation, leaving a dark kitchen with yellow walls and returned to a white kitchen with grey walls! How fun is that?! We were in and out while they were gone which really added to the reveal. Here's their reaction:

"Justin -- just got home -- we are BLOWN AWAY!!!!! It's a whole new house!!!! You guys did an AMAZING job -- we LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!!!"

You guys! It doesn't get much better than that! This is our favorite part of the business. We take every project to heart and are overjoyed when we get a response like this. 

Guest Bathroom Remodel

We are kicking off our interior blog posts with the smallest room in the house, but probably one of our favorites. If I could explain to you what a bathroom looks and feels like after four years of vacancy I would, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves - just please note the amount of bugs, ADA bathroom sign and cracked tile we inherited in our purchase.  

When we purchased our house - or real estate office - we had one half bath and no running water... we weren't even sure the well was going to work. Obviously this wasn't going to work for us so we set out to create three full baths. This tiny bathroom would be for guests and located just off our office area. We focused on making it just large enough for a walk in shower since we knew we'd have guests from time to time who may prefer to shower in a walk in tile shower rather than bathe in our clawfoot tub upstairs. 

We were set on sticking to our budget and were lucky enough to re-purpose glass that was used for an interior office window in the real estate office for the top half of our shower wall. This kept the tiny, guest bath feeling open and airy.

Our vanity was beautifully, hand crafted by a friend of ours and really sets the style for the bathroom. The hairpin legs and above counter sink paired with the white subway tile and Sherwin Williams Worldly Grey walls gives the space the fresh feel we wanted. 


Farmhouse Renovation | Basehor, Kansas

I'm sure by now you've heard of Chip and Jo, farmhouses, shiplap and crazy renovations... well so has my wife and she loves them! The history, the land, the white on white and how it's all done in just a few weeks. Let's make a long story short of how our farmhouse renovation began. 

We bought our first home the week we returned from our honeymoon (my wife found that one on a whim after almost buying a foreclosure that was up for auction), we lived in it for less than a year while renovating it and sold it the first day on the market. The FIRST day.. seriously Kansas City you are the best!

We had a six month old baby and figured why not do it all again. Lauren found a bank owned farmhouse that had been vacant for four years, zoned commercial, set up as a real estate office, a floor rotted out, ceiling falling in, no water, no HVAC, no electric and a lot of cracked black pavement. Sounds dreamy, right? I think Lauren knew it was ours before she even walked through it with the realtor. She kept telling me it had good "bones," we could afford it, the land was pretty and best of all it was in my home town of Basehor, KS. 

Here it is in all it's glory! Our 1800's farmhouse that needed someone to believe in it and bring it back to as our neighbors called it "the picturesque white farmhouse... the one you would see on a post card." Stay tuned as we take you through a room by room transformation with our favorite projects and Sherwin Williams colors!